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Apr 24

alright after that rant i am bed

love you guys

see you tomorrow

thanks for doing confessions bird xoxo


Skrill prepping for Ultra


Skrill prepping for Ultra

yeah baby i know it

the costume’s an attention grabber
It’s because boobs and cute

i like that you guys have the negative and positive versions of the same answer

i like that kara’s the thumbnail when that’s her only moment in the short

Apr 23
pumpkinnspice replied to your post: “pumpkinnspice replied to your post:redvsbluevsfreelancer replied to…”:
Don’t worry about it dude it makes JO SENSE

jo huh

when you’re on your period and it does the slidey thing

That whole post in general is just a cunfusing trip that none of us understand. It was just me and Torren and then some random person joined int??? I just???

and i wanted to read it but literally all it was was the link, all the blog names, and your comment and i just????

go back, click the reblog button, when the post editing screen shows up, change the post type to text instead of link (on the top right next to the gear)

yes i know (and i also have the xkit extension to prevent that from happening) but you don’t have that choice on mobile and that conversation had gotten so long that you couldn’t read it unless you clicked SEVERAL links and it’s a real big pain in the ass and i literally can’t think of a single time i’ve ever wanted to reblog a text post as a link so why it’s a thing i will never know

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