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Apr 18

okay i’m going to bed

love you

no school tomorrow so i get to sleep in til 7:45, maybe 8 if i’m lucky

oh man what a luxury!

see you guys tomorrow

fandomanon asked: its bc lots of us have porn we dont want you knowing about, duh :p


My dear that’s the last thing you should be concerned with. There’s a reason I don’t show my “liked” posts or open my dash in public.

whenever i see yorksouth stuff on my dash

all i can think about is

i bet they hooked up after york thought carolina was dead

and i wonder if south knew the truth but didn’t say a word because she was only in it for one thing




Oh and for the record, I truly was aiming for their knobs.

Don’t tell Michael, but I knocked off his mask both times.


Today, or rather yesterday depending on where you live, is the day that the Roosterteeth Fandom becomes one. Despite your ships and opinions on individual people, this company is a whole. Weather you’ve been there from the start or have joined along the way, we can all agree that these are amazing people. 636 means a lot to so many of us. But as Burnie Burns once said,

"You can sell your house. But home is where people love you. Don’t forget that."


It was an absolute blast to throw shit at Michael and Gavin in the last Immersion. Hope their knobs are doing well.





Why are people so terrified of me following them?!

It’s not like I’m


it’s because you’re One Of Them.

we’re humble fans and you’re living the dream, dude


you ever look at a kink and think “nah” then a few years later look at the same kink and go “actually yes”

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